Voice Over and Audio Branding

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Commercial Production, Telephone Menus & Voiceovers

Build it, and they will come. Run an ad, and they’ll know where it is!

Maybe you’re finally running that local cable ad on MTv or ESPN … maybe even CNN.  Or possibly you’re considering running a radio spot for your business as a seasonal promotion or larger ad campaign.  You can go with their cookie cutter idea for a commercial and use the voices everyone else will be using; or you might even be able to voice it yourself.  But if you’re taking the time to consider dropping a commercial at a decent time slot, then why not get maximum bang for your buck?!

Roll tape! Let’s take your script and run with it!  You can put it together.  If we think of something you didn’t that’ll make it better, we’ll suggest it.  We can voice your promo professionally, accurately, and make it come to life with the right soundtrack.

When your client calls, what’s in their ear?

You should never miss an opportunity to tell your customers (or potential customers) about your company, your services, and you!  Consider a professionally produced Voice Menu System and On-Hold Message to make your callers aware of special discounts, your website, your new services … pretty much anything! Obviously, you don’t want anyone being on hold too long, but whatever time they spend waiting for service should be informative, and maybe even entertaining.  After-hours voicemail greetings should also be professional, as every contact your client has with you company is forming an opinion and part of their experience in dealing with you.

Who’s got you working?

We’ve produced big-time ads for the nightlife industry, and low-key local ads for small businesses.  We’ve also produce voice messaging for many clients in a variety of industries.  Katmandu Nightclub in NJ is one of many clients who’ve trusted us with their radio ad production– our spots have been all over Philly radio. And yes, you’ll hear a lot of samples from Webster Hall in NYC. They’ve used DropHouse for their commercial production exclusively for many years!  These ads have run all over NYC radio: Z-100, KTU-FM, Power 105, 92.3 NOW … you get the idea.

Take a peek at a few sample.  You’ll here some BIG SPOTS for legendary nightlife spots, some straight reads, and even out classic web spots from our early beginnings … you can laugh. ;o)
TONS more samples are available on our SoundCloud page!

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Behind The Mic

A quick INTRO VIDEO on the #drophouseVObtm series: what we do and how we do it! Take a peek inside DropHouse Studio as Voice-over Producer Tony Tee Neto produces your custom imaging and branding– DJ Drops, audio marketing, web & radio promos, and corporate voiceovers, and more! Tips. Tricks. Silliness. And a lot of behind-the-scenes.