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You’ve made the move forward.

Pulling yourself out of your comfort zone and expecting more from yourself and your business takes guts. Taking a step back and seeing beyond just “getting the gig” is a shift in perspective that sets you up for a completely different level of success!

And that’s why you’re a part of the Complete Wedding DJ program with Jason Jani and Digital DJ Tips.

Thanks to our relationship and the work of my studio, I’m able to bring to you a focused set of tools that will help in refining the sound and feel of your brand. After all, audio is our medium, and we often overlook using it to its full potential.

Take a look below to get some perspective on the tools I’m offering.
I hope this is valuable to you, and that I can help you reach next-level!



You take your business seriously.
So do we.

We get to call “DJ Entertainment” our career. That’s a big deal!

And as alumni of the CWDJ program, you’re looking for ways to learn, develop, grow, and even share. This was the origin of DropHouse, and it’s still part of our core values as we continue to thrive in the private event space and produce quality audio branding for those who see the value in it.

  • Your name is your brand.

  • Your brand is everything.

  • Audio is your medium—  USE IT!

Let’s polish up your sound!

Ideas and samples are below. But you can start connecting by sending a quick note via email HERE:

Fill out my online form.

What we do.

DropHouse and Tony Tee Neto lead the way in custom audio branding. From name drops, to contact info, Social Media handles, and website info, seizing every opportunity to let your listeners know who you are and how to find out more is critical to success!

And just like your logo, your audio should reflect your brand: edgy, sophisticated, formal, aggressive, laid-back … this is why we customize.
Attention to detail is everything … right down to creating tempo-based DJ drops so they work with your music!

What do I get in the end?

  • All mastered files are delivered electronically and immediately available for download. MP3 files are high-res and tagged, so you can import them into your DJing software right away.
  • Master uncompressed WAV files of the entire project. These are more appropriate for archiving and for any editing, like producing a mix or podcast.
  • More than you asked for—  2 versions of every drop where applicable: with bed, without bed 
  • and package discounts.

Some elements to consider —

  • Livestream & Mixset ID’s: Drops & Tags

    Livestreaming has exploded with the current Social Distancing orders. The demand for music over the internet in live and prerecorded format has reached unprecedented levels. If you’re streaming your mixes, capitalize on the opportunity to brand your content. That means Drops that identify your DJ and your company at the very minimum.

  • Social Media & Contact Points: Liners & Sweepers

    Liners & sweepers are just longer tags or drops. In addition to your required DJ Drops, consider using these callouts to drive listeners to your website or Social Media destinations. You’ve already got their attention, so dial them in!

  • Show Tools: Intros & Outros

    A professionally produced show starter is the mark of next-level production. It allows you to set the tone for your mix or show right from the top. It also serves to connect every show together by having a recognizable opener … and closer! This is especially important if you’re launching or relaunching a Podcast or creating a specific mix collection.

  • Voicemail System Greetings: IVR

    Didn’t think of this? I know. 😊
    Though everyone’s all about texting, often the first actual contact a prospect will have with you or your business is your phone. Many will call after hours, or maybe you’re running a promotion that lights up the lines! Your VM greeting is important to set the tone and even guide your client to what you need from them. Different mailboxes, different info.
    And don’t forget your mobile greeting

Let’s make something that reflects you, your company, your brand. And if you have an idea, let’s make it happen!
Remember to think BIG! Now, let’s create!

Behind The Mic

A quick INTRO VIDEO on the #drophouseVObtm series: what we do and how we do it! Take a peek inside DropHouse Studio as Voice-over Producer Tony Tee Neto produces your custom imaging and branding– DJ Drops, audio marketing, web & radio promos, and corporate voiceovers, and more! Tips. Tricks. Silliness. And a lot of behind-the-scenes.