Now, for a limited number of rockstars:
Drops by Subscription

We’ve never done this.
And we’re sure Tony’s lost his mind because it’s never been this affordable to get this kind of quality in your branding!

We’re all about custom work. And Drop House has built a brand on fresh exclusive production for DJs and entertainment companies for years! Every piece of production is crafted to each DJ’s brand, with a whole lotta “WOW” or some super-chill “coooool.”

But maybe you wanna spin the wheel and be completely surprised at what we create.

This is gonna be so simple, you don’t even have to think!

It’s easy—  we do all the work! And you get polished, professional branding updated monthly.

And remember, these are NOT crappy generic drops with a cheesy voiceover and corny effects. These are similar to our Express Drops concept, fully produced and mastered pieces of audio imaging customized with YOUR NAME!

A fresh batch of DJ drops in your Inbox every month!

When we first set you up, all you have to do is let us know what your DJ or company name is for customizing, and we’ll get to creating a varied set of drops for you every month! It’ll be a mixed bag of hyped liners, straight name drops, stuttered words, minimal phrases … YOU NAME IT! And if you know anything about Tony and Drop House, you’ll always get more than you expect!

Yes, you’ll be surprised every month!
Yes, you’re gonna love it!

Intro video goes here (THIS IS NOT IT)

How’s it work?

Let’s do this! 😃

About every first week of the month, you’ll get a link to download your fresh batch of DJ drops. You’ll get:

  • 3 fresh drops customized with your name. They’ll vary in energy and format so you can use them in various settings and programs.
  • 2 versions of each drop. There’s a fully produced version with sound bed (effects, etc), and a version with no bed (vocal only).
  • BONUS: we’ll give you a new name drop every month. This one alone is worth the cost of subscription!

A package like this would cost you about $275. But if you subscribe, investment for all this awesomeness is only $65 per month, with a two-month commitment.

So, you’re getting 7 imaging elements of stellar audio production to use in your mixes, live mixes, and streams, for about the cost of a round for you and your crew at Friday’s. THAT’s A BARGAIN!

And a much better investment, we think.

FACT: membership in this program is LIMITED

Depending on how quickly members start to join, this offer could close pretty soon. If you’re even thinking about it, you should jump on it now! We think you’ll love it and see so much value in the production, that you might even want more completely custom elements. In any case, you can cancel your membership anytime.

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