You launch, but …

First, we edit your podcast to sound great!

It’s what we do.

DropHouse Studio offers uncompromised audio production and sound processing to make you sound like the professional that you are. Our premium service is available in a monthly cost-saving package or for individual episodes, and includes:

  • Dedicated listening to the entire recording for issues that need attention
    • we don’t do AI production; we’re human
  • Up to 45 minutes raw length per episode
    • longer is cool for a small charge
  • Removal of crutch words
    • we’ll get rid of your awkward ums, uhs, long pauses, coughs and other less-than-stellar sounds
  • Adding of Intro, Outro and Sponsored Messages (pre-produced)
    • don’t have them yet?  … we can do that, too!
  • Multi-track syncing
  • Noise and echo reduction (result will vary based on original audio)
  • Audio mastering
  • Dedicated upload/download space
  • Final rendering as choice of WAV, AIFF, or MP3
    • one rendered file is included; additional file type available for a small charge. 

Podcast Production

Take a listen and judge for yourself.

To the right are some samples of before and after. This is an interview-style podcast which requires quite a bit of attention. The speakers are originally on 2 separate channels (one left, one right). This is actually preferred!

And it’s not just about volume. There’s noise reduction, EQing, and of course, editing!

In the end, they get mixed and synchronized into one beautiful stereo file. Listen not just to the difference in audio quality, but how much smoother and organized an edited podcast sounds!

Editing a podcast in this fashion does take time. But the final product is completely different from your raw recording, sounding clean, polished, and ready for distribution!

Podcast Production: Before & After

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You’re the expert—  focus on your content.

Share your knowledge and perspective with the world—  we’ll make you sound the absolute best.

Podcasting has exploded over the last few years with the ability to reach just about anyone, anywhere in the world! Many are a source of revenue, too, as you gain a larger audience and attract sponsors.

Whether you’re a subject matter expert, or simply have strong opinions and perspective to share with the world, launching your own podcast can be exhilarating and rewarding! Your first step is to sound as good as you possibly can.

Behind The Mic

A quick INTRO VIDEO on the #drophouseVObtm series: what we do and how we do it! Take a peek inside DropHouse Studio as Voice-over Producer Tony Tee Neto produces your custom imaging and branding– DJ Drops, audio marketing, web & radio promos, and corporate voiceovers, and more! Tips. Tricks. Silliness. And a lot of behind-the-scenes.