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In addition to the high-quality production described below, as a member of the DJ’s Vault community, with any Custom Branding/Drops package, you’ll also receive:

  • 2 versions of every drop: with bed, without bed (yeah, you’re welcome)
  • Master uncompressed WAV files of the entire project (archive your sh*t, because sh*t happens)
  • additional 3 free versions of your DJ name drop or company name drop (we choose, we make it up, and it’ll be hot)

If you’re looking at our quick-turn Express Drops, we’re offering fantastic discounts on our Essential Bundles available only to you!

We NEVER discount these high-quality template drops and liners because the savings are built in. So this is BIG!
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You take your business seriously.

As a member of The DJ’s Vault community, you’re looking for ways to learn, develop, grow, and even share with all of us who call “DJ Entertainment” our career. This was the origin of DropHouse, and it’s still part of our core values as we continue to thrive in the private event space AND produce quality audio branding for those who see the value in it.

  • Your name is your brand.

  • Your brand is everything.

  • Audio is your medium—  USE IT!

What we do.

DropHouse and Tony Tee Neto lead the way in custom DJ drops, DJ intros for your sets, Podcast branding with intros and outros, and DJ name tags.

Mixes are an especially great place to use audio branding. From contact info, to Social Media handles, to website info, seizing every opportunity to let your listeners know who you are and how to find out more is critical to success!

And they should reflect your brand: edgy, sophisticated, formal, aggressive, laid-back … this is why we’re THE source for completely customized drops and audio branding with this much attention to detail … like creating tempo-based DJ drops so they work with your music!

Private Event DJ:  Custom Drops for your clients!

Imagine having a drop that lets everyone know that they’re “partying with Lisa and Tom” on their wedding day!  Or shoutout the Guests of Honor for Proms, Mitzvahs, and Sweet 16s!

Whatever YOU can do to make THEM stand out is to your advantage!

Get clients to find you!

Voiceover components like drops and IDs help drive business and ultimately brand your company by seizing the attention of the listener.

If you’re running special offers, short promotional videos for Instagram and Facebook work really well, and professional voice-over is a big part of that.

Your Voicemail messaging

Full IVR system messages can be crafted to match your brand’s tone and offer useful information about your you, your company, special offers … just about anything! Don’t overlook this opportunity to connect.

What do I get in the end?

Whether Custom or Express, your production work gets mastered to sound big and polished … and yes, LOUD!  In the end, you get digital delivery in Hi-Resolution MP3 format, 320Kbps, 44.1Khz.  That translates to a file that’s small enough to receive via email, yet clean enough for broadcast!  Your files will also have complete MP3 tags, so DJs can simply “drag & drop” right into your virtual record crates.

You can also get master files without compression– pristine, uncompressed digital audio for production or archiving.  it can’t sound better than this!

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Behind The Mic

A quick INTRO VIDEO on the #drophouseVObtm series: what we do and how we do it! Take a peek inside DropHouse Studio as Voice-over Producer Tony Tee Neto produces your custom imaging and branding– DJ Drops, audio marketing, web & radio promos, and corporate voiceovers, and more! Tips. Tricks. Silliness. And a lot of behind-the-scenes.