Voice Over Talent & Producer

with a Professional Home Studio

Allergone (spoof!)

Commercial- NFL 2022 Kickoff (for Goldboys Online Betting)

Commercial- Vrbo “Your Home’s Not Ready”

Voiceover Demo: Narration 1

Playa Bowls

Breitling (spec)

Corporate Explainer-
Valo Entrance

Movie Trailer- Willowwood Drive (spec)

Voiceover Demo: Narration 2

Voiceover Demo: Narration 3

Voiceover Demo: IVR – Phone Prompts 


Characteristics most associated with Tony Tee Neto’s voice work:

  • North American English Male Voice Over
  • smooth voice
  • convincing voice
  • sarcastic voice
  • attitude
  • announcer voice
  • believable voice
  • conversational voice
  • mature voice
  • genuine voice
  • authoritative voice
  • gritty voice

Above are some of the latest voice over samples specifically showcasing Tony’s work as a talented Voice Over Artist. Tony Tee Neto is the primary Voice Over Talent and Audio Producer for DropHouse Studio.

The Studio —  

Tony Tee Neto records and produces in a professional-grade home studio environment. Here’s a partial list of some of the relevant goodies:

mics: professional condenser mics, Sennheiser MK-416 Shotgun, Audio-Technica 4033SE
preamps & interfaces: Mackie VLZ-Pro mixing desk | Solid State Logic SSL2 interface | Motu 828mk3 interface
formats: WAV | AIFF | MP3
DAW & workstation: Cubase Pro on iMac Pro 27″ w 2 external screens 😊 🤯

A Little Background

Tony Tee Neto Vocal Booth Backlight

With vast experience in voice over and public speaking, Tony Tee Neto is an absolute professional who brings a lot to your voiceover project.

From his early studio production days and hosting nightlife events, to hosting private events of the highest caliber and voicing high-profile radio spots, Tee raises his own bar consistently to evolve in his industry.

DropHouse is his vehicle for voiceover recording and production with the highest standards, and with a hip perspective.

How may we help you?

With an ear and voice for sarcasm, wit, sincerity, authenticity, and more, he makes for a versatile professional Voiceover Talent. With so many years of production and a professional custom home studio, his work is sonically clean and top notch!

Tony as a a Voiceover Artist and Voiceover Producer professionally creates:

  • corporate training voiceover and production
  • eLearning voice-over
  • narration voice over for documentaries, explainer videos, podcasts, & more
  • audiobook narration
  • voiceover and production for retail audio environments 
  • audio advertising voiceover
  • creating professional custom DJ drops, DJ intros, and DJ & Nightlife audio branding 
  • podcast intros and podcast tools
  • Social Media IDs and promotional tools
  • online web audio commercials voiceover and production
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Behind The Mic #drophousevoBTM

A quick INTRO VIDEO on the #drophouseVObtm series: what we do and how we do it! Take a peek inside DropHouse Studio as Voice-over Producer Tony Tee Neto produces your custom imaging and branding– DJ Drops, audio marketing, web & radio promos, and corporate voiceovers, and more! Tips. Tricks. Silliness. And a lot of behind-the-scenes.